A 25-year-old man succumbed to his brother’s chest stab

Tujoromajo Kasuto

A 28-year-old man is facing charges of murder after he stabbed his brother (25) who died due to the stabbing injuries.

Nampol Spokesperson, Chief Inspector Elifas Kuwinga, says the incident took place in the capital in the Otjomuise location on Sunday, 20 November around 02h50 in Frankfurt Street. “It is alleged that two biological brothers aged 25 and 28 who reside in the same house were arguing and insulting each other at home when the younger brother to the deceased took a kitchen knife and stabbed the deceased once on the chest leading to his death on the spot,” he informs.

Police investigation continues and the suspect is yet to appear in the magistrate court. Similarly in Aranos on Saturday at around 17:30 at Nuwerus residential area, a 22-year -old Namibian male suspect was arrested after allegations of chopping a 21-year-old Namibian male victim with an axe on his lower back.

Kuwing says this happened while the two were busy drinking alcohol at home and a quarrel broke out upon which the suspect took an axe and chopped the victim who sustained serious injury. The victim was transferred to Mariental hospital. Police investigation continues.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident on the same day at around 14h15 at Uulunga utatu cattle post in Okatyali, a 41-year-old Namibian female victim was beaten unconscious with an unknown object by her boyfriend, and was admitted to the Onandjokwe hospital. The suspect was arrested and yet to be charged.

In another incident a 29-year-old man is facing charges of attempted murder after he cut his younger brother, Uezeundja Tjihove, with a panga on the left arm on last Friday at about 08h00 in Oviheke village. “It is alleged that the 25-year-old Namibian male victim was cut with a panga on the left arm by his elder brother aged, 29, a Namibian male after a fight. The victim was seriously injured and was transported with a motorbike to Etoto clinic was later taken to Opuwo State Hospital by ambulance where he is currently in a stable condition,” says Kuwinga.

The suspect was arrested and was to appear in the Opuwo Magistrate Court today.

By Observer