Alweendo to feature prominently at Angola’s oil, gas conference

Tujoromajo Kasuto

Tom Alweendo, Minister of Mines and Energy, has been chosen to deliver the keynote address and to discuss investment opportunities in Namibia and Angola’s oil and gas industry at the Angola Oil & Gas (AOG) conference and exhibition from November 29 to December 01.

According to Energy, Capital & Power (ECP), a leading global, Africa-focused energy investment platform, Alweendo will speak alongside Angolan oil and gas companies, investors, and policymakers, as well as regional, continental, and global partners.

The event is Angola’s premier hydrocarbon industry event, taking place in Luanda from November 29 to December 1.

The presence of Alweendo at AOG 2022 is critical in shaping serious conversations about the massive investment opportunities across Angola’s entire hydrocarbon value chain, as well as the role the country’s vast yet untapped hydrocarbon resources play in ensuring energy security and driving socioeconomic developments across the region, according to ECP.

Under this year’s AOG theme ‘Promoting an Inclusive, Attractive and Innovative Oil and Gas

Industry in Angola,’ Alweendo will highlight the importance of regional cooperation and improved private sector participation and partnerships with global financial partners to maximise Angola’s oil and gas boom.

‘’For instance, as Namibia and an increasing number of regional and international energy companies and investors explore opportunities to invest in Angola’s rich oil and gas downstream landscape including in the development of refineries, AOG 2022 is the ideal platform for the minister and global investors to connect with Angola’s key decision makers and energy stakeholders to discuss, negotiate and sign energy investment deals,’’ the organisers state.

Moreover, they say that as massive Angolan upstream projects are underway and Angola increasingly focuses on exploration to boost its energy reserves, a myriad of investment opportunities remain to be tapped and AOG represents the best platform for Angola to showcase its market strength and opportunities as well as close industry-changing investment deals.

At AOG 2022, Alweendo will join other African Energy and Hydrocarbons Ministers and global investment institutions in high-level meetings and investment forums to discuss the future of both Angola and Africa’s energy sector. This comes as Namibia’s oil and gas sector is still in the exploration stage. Factors such as deprived infrastructure, inadequate technology and limited investment have disrupted Angola’s oil and gas industry, the services sector has played a crucial role in changing the southern African country’s hydrocarbon landscape. As a result of the competitiveness and innovative approaches played by oil and gas services companies in Angola, the country has become Africa’s biggest crude oil producer and an attractive energy investment destination.

AOG 2022 is the ideal place for service providers to network with future partners as well as discuss, negotiate and sign deals that will enable revamping, modernization and the liberalization of the Angolan oil and gas sector to enable the country to achieve fuel self-sufficiency, become a regional energy powerhouse and driver of socioeconomic developments whilst contributing to global energy security.

Alweendo’s presence there will play in Namibia’s favour who is starting to carve itself a space in the oil and gas and energy sector.

The Government seeks to engage firms to compete for multi-billion U.S. dollar projects, including exploration and development of oil and gas fields, transportation and storage of petroleum products, and eventually refinery construction and associated infrastructure.

By Observer