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Category: Observer Editorial

The redline menace, yet again

Once again, resistance to the existence of the infamous redline or so-called veterinary cordon fence that divides the North from the South of Namibia has flared. In May of this year, Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement activist Job Amupanda filed a lawsuit in the High Court to eliminate the controversial barrier.

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Vaccines are essential

Namibia must wage another liberation struggle to fight COVID-19. The enemy destroying lives in the Land of the Brave is no longer the apartheid army, Koevoets, or Imperial Schutztruppen, but COVID-19 and its variants. Vaccines will win the war; the government must arm the Namibian people with immediate effect.

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Murderers on bail and haircuts

Two recent incidents do not show well for the officials responsible. In Katima Mulilo students were sent home from the Caprivi Secondary School because the school said their hair was not cut properly. In the other strange happening, Morne Mouton was convicted of culpable homicide this week and yet was given bail pending the sentencing hearing. How can such foolish decisions stand unsanctioned?

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A new way to handle the unthinkable

Namibia must tackle the issue of so-called ‘baby-dumping’ a different way. The conservative mindsets of past generations are insufficient to handle this deadly challenge. Rather than punishment, communities must look at what drives a girl/woman to do the unthinkable to her infant.

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