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Stop using Nujoma – it exposes him

National icons must not be used to prop up the speeches of politicians who have no skill at oratory and little idea of how to make a strong verbal argument. Doreen Sioka, a Swapo MP, this week used excerpts from the book written by Founding President Sam Nujoma. She was making her party’s points in Parliament. By doing this, she exposed the founding leader to rebuttal. She used the great man as her shield.

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Geingob needs better advisors

The High Court has found that the government acted against the constitution when it cherry-picked parts of the labour law and supressed certain clauses. The Minister of Labour failed by authoring this disastrous legal debacle. The Attorney General failed as he did not protect the administration by stopping the doomed labour action. Together, they exposed the president. Geingob needs better advisors.

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Job vs Swapo is not the point . . . inclusive democracy is

The new normal could mean a serious reconsideration of proportional representation in Parliament and an end to parties making decisions about who represents people locally. Affirmative Repositioning (AR) has registered with the Electoral Commission of Namibia in time for the upcoming 2020 local authority and regional council elections. AR co-leader Job Amupanda has had long-stated aspirations to be the Mayor of the City of Windhoek. The stage has been set for an exercise in inclusive democracy that is long overdue in Namibia.

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