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It is not your N$750

When the emergency income grant (EIG) of N$750 was announced, we applauded the idea. At the same time, we raised concerns about how the program would be packaged and rolled-out to the public. The current wave of public gripes about the grant seems to reflect that indeed, there is major misunderstanding about what the EIG was meant to be. Expectations were raised that cannot be met.

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City of Windhoek or Huawei City?

The decision about 5G technology in Windhoek in order to allow the city council to create what will be effectively, another an SOE is alarming. A quasi-SOE jointly owned by the City of Windhoek (CoW) and Huawei will supposedly run a fast, state-of-the-art internet ‘system’ conceived, financed, installed and operated by the Chinese. This is supposed to be a good thing for Windhoek. We disagree.

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‘Namibianize’ Namibia

Most Namibians love their country and do not divide their loyalty by ethnic, racial or tribal segments. They are proud Namibians. This is no less the case for us. But, when the members of boards, holders of high office and certain government job appointments, are only people from the Oshiwambo-speaking ethnic group, the playing field is uneven. This is a problem.

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The price of not knowing why

Our educational system teaches students to ‘do’ but not to think. Beneficiaries of apartheid and colonialism loved this. Thinking people will quickly and easily perceive weaknesses and attack strategically. After independence, in most public schools, that same back-handed educational trend continued.

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