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Couch Kitten: Have you paid your water debt?

When last did you drink at least three glasses of water a day? When most of us are asked this question around this time; we are too quick to reply: “Oh I had coffee twice today,” or “I passed by a face and a latte/ cappuccino.” We are too hooked on hot beverages and have forgotten about our favourite juice and cold drinks, and most importantly water.

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A family hair studio just for you!

ZZI Kids Hair Studio opened its doors at Maerua Mall on 30 March 2019 and it is now evolving into a hair care center for all customers of all ages. Morna Ikosa, the co-owner of ZZI Family Hair Studio has worked hard to get the business running well. Go support this black owned business and give them a try.

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Big Ben: Adapt or die

With the state of emergency restrictions, those producing songs that soothe our souls, make our feet move or hips sway are on lockdown. There is no doubt that musicians are challenged during this pandemic. That said, one of Namibia’s premier artists and musical performers, Big Ben, has not been idle during lockdown; brotha’man has been on the move.

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Couch Cat: Clean, red, chapped hands

I ‘get it’ that we have to wash our hands or have ‘sanitizers’ sprayed onto our hands before we enter every store or building. But, here is the thing. ‘Sanitizers’ is too general; it is not defined. We have some places spending the money to use actual alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

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Artists on lockdown: Jyz Yorke

The State of Emergency has brought drastic changes to various industries in our country, and the music industry is no exception. Concerts, festivals and other forms of promotion have been cancelled in light of the global pandemic. Entertainers are facing challenges during the lockdown to get the exposure they need to reach their audiences.

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