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Couch Cat: You deserve a Merry Christmas

You should be staying at home or only going places with limited numbers of people because of this last COVID Christmas (hopefully). There is plenty of time to have some seasonal fun and treat yourself. For once, don’t worry about your size, waistline, jiggling thighs, wrinkles or a fat butt. Eat everything that you can afford to lay your hands on and feel wonderful doing it. Spoil yourself with that sweet cake or chocolate fantasy. Have great sex and giggle about it afterwards. This has been a horrible 2020 and you need a reward for making it through

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Book Review: The Icabog – JK Rowling

Having more time inside these days, I have been a readin’ fool. One of the books I jumped on was The Icabog, by JK Rowling. This soon to be classic for generations to come was originally published on November 10, 2020. For the billionaire author of the Harry Potter series of books, the writing skills of the great Ms Rowling are never better in this new book. It was released online in parts over the past year, but the complete text just came out. I couldn’t stand the piecemeal thing, so I waited patiently for the real deal.

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