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Look back at Jackson

I felt moved to see how Namibian musicians are situated on YouTube and other social media sites for no real reason or anniversary. I was surprised and pleased to find the great Namibian performer and musical artist’s videos and music, the late Jackson Kaujeua (3 July 1953 – 27 May 2010).

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Couch Cat – Battle your fat butt and belly

After the holidays, eating fat food must stop. Stand in the mirror naked. Grab your belly (use two hands if you must). Then, turn around and twerk. Look at that sight in the mirror. You know exactly how much is too much. Juicy and curvy is good – but now is the time to make yourself even better.

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Couch Cat: You deserve a Merry Christmas

You should be staying at home or only going places with limited numbers of people because of this last COVID Christmas (hopefully). There is plenty of time to have some seasonal fun and treat yourself. For once, don’t worry about your size, waistline, jiggling thighs, wrinkles or a fat butt. Eat everything that you can afford to lay your hands on and feel wonderful doing it. Spoil yourself with that sweet cake or chocolate fantasy. Have great sex and giggle about it afterwards. This has been a horrible 2020 and you need a reward for making it through

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