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Workers are their own liberators

Concerning the drive towards a true and meaningful radical socio-economic transformation, to herald the Second Phase of the Namibian Revolution, which in Namibian political parlance has been hailed as the phase of the economic struggle or emancipation, Yours Truly Ideologically believes after 30 years of independence, and the obvious decadence and blatant ideologically retrogression, the jury has been out who can lead the Second Phase of the Namibian Revolution.

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The Masquerade

Former George Washington University Associate Professor Jessica Krug has been the focus of controversy for the last couple of weeks, after she disclosed in an essay she had, for years, pretended to be black.

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Let the marathon trial begin

The stage is almost set for the marathon Fish-rot trial to start. In the blue corner is the A-Team Defense Council consisting of highly competent lawyers with reputable credential of practice in court that will represent the accused.

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