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How do you stuff evil back into its hole?

I drove through Washington, DC two days before the inauguration of President Joe Biden. I had flashbacks to a drive through DC when I was in pre-school, two days after Dr Martin Luther King’s assassination. The soldiers, tanks, sirens, and flashing lights were everywhere then and now. I shuddered at seeing weapons in plain sight. The scrutinizing eyes of armed white men made my blood run cold as a child and now as an adult.

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We are in the worra but at what cost?

If you used any social platform this week, you should have heard about the heavy floods that swept the nation thanks to heavy rain. Although the rain is blessing for our very dry country, we should not forget the way they might have affected the livelihoods of unfortunate Namibians, especially during a pandemic.

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The unthinkable has happened

“These are the times that try men’s souls” is a quote from Thomas Paine who wrote pamphlets against the British during the American Revolutionary War. When I watched people waving flags of racist groups, the confederate flag and wearing Trump promotional garb storming the US Capitol Building, my soul was tried. This was a violent armed insurrection in the United States. Donald Trump wants to remain, president, even though he lost the election. His thugs want to try to make that happen. The unthinkable has happened. A US President has fomented insurrection in an attempted to subvert the constitution he has sworn to uphold.

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