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COIVD-19 is real; do people get it yet?

A teacher at the Coast tested positive for the pandemic. Yet, the risk-averse principal took no urgent steps to protect the students, other teachers and staff that were exposed. He said that he was waiting for ‘instructions’. COVID-19 does not need instructions or paperwork; it takes charge without permission. This incident and similar stories force me to wonder if, at this late date, people understand that the pandemic is real.

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God Bless the child that’s got his own

Namibia needs to wake up. No one will help us, but us. The country, communities and families are under unprecedented pressure. Looking to donor countries, the government, the president, a political party or a church to ‘solve’ individual problems is a waste of time. The new normal means increased self-sufficiency.

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Namibian Winter Time

Have you noticed how hard it is to get out of bed, these winter mornings?

How it’s dark and cold and windy when most of us have to get up? How, in many parts of the country, those learners who’ve been allowed to go back to school are going to school in the cold and the dark? That for many workers living at the far side of Katutura, winter means waiting for buses and taxis in the freezing dark?

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Civil Rights Icon, advocate for Namibian Independence, dead at age 80

So many Namibians today have never heard of John Lewis. And yet, he and many other members of the US Congressional Black Caucus in the pre-independence days had heard of Namibia. Representative Lewis and many US legislators made speeches regularly denouncing US political and economic support for white supremacy in Africa. Now, John Lewis’ time is passed and he has gone home to a well-earned rest.

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I still support Air Namibia

I won’t apologize for my years of support for Air Namibia. My long background in the tourism industry has always made me see the national airline’s true value. This national debate about the airline’s future needs to hear from different points of view.

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