Education key to social cohesion: Niara Foundation

Martin Endjala

Education is the single biggest equaliser that can bring social cohesion and change, inclusion, respect for diversity in the broader society and should be embraced as such, as Namibia is striving towards joining global partners in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

These were the remarks made by the founder and President of the Niara Foundation, Ashley N. Tjipitua during a Computer Lab handover ceremony at the KJ Kapeua Combined School at Ovitoto in the Otjozondjupa region recently.

She emphasized that the purpose of the foundation is to bring about meaningful and sustainable change in less privileged communities.

“The act of giving is never about the giver, nor is it about the recipient, it’s an act that is much deeper in its meaning, for it is well to give when asked, but it is better to give unasked through understanding the needs of those who are to receive,” said Tjipitua.

The main goal of the foundation is to assess the needs of those in less privileged communities with the mindfulness of virtue and the difference they wish to see in the communities.

In addition to the computers and projectors donated, the foundation also managed to secure a

commitment from Schoeman’s Technologies for a heavy-duty printer to the school valued at around

N$50 000.

Lauding Schoeman’s for their kind donation, in particular, to its director and shareholder, Patrick Kauta, who made this possible.

The ethos of the foundation Tjipitua stressed that, it expands to inclusivity and participation, with the hope that with many other similar donations, they will be able to embed this ethos into the fabric of Namibian education.

She said that this initiative is first of its kind, and the foundation commit itself in the coming years to roll out similar projects within the education space, across all regions in Namibia, with the help of donors and good Samaritans, “I am confident that we can”.

She further explained to the pupils of the KJ Kapeua, that education and discipline go hand in hand.

She emphasised that popularity and fame does not lead to sustained and lasting achievement, discipline, determination and hard work do.

Thus calling on leaners not to use the donated computers and internet facilities, to seek quick fame through the likes of Tik-Tok and similar apps, but to rather use them to hone and sharpen their skills towards competing for future in the job market.

By Observer