Festive season contributes to Moses Garoeb low voters turn-out

Staff Writer

Analysts have pinned the holidays for the low voters turn-out for the Moses //Garoëb constituency just-concluded by-election saying most local residents were not around to vote and are still fatigued from the holiday.

“There are a number of factors mainly it has to do with voters fatigues and they have not seen any improvement of their lives.
Voters don’t really want to go polls because according to them it doesn’t make any difference in their livelihoods and the second factor may is because of the holidays and people have gone out of town and have returned to their homes,”said political commentator Ndumba Kamwanya.

He added that Moses Moses //Garoëb constituency just-concluded by-election Garoeb is a strong vote constituency and it was expected for most of the potential voters and they did not show up.

Swapo candidate Stefanus Ndengu won the Moses //Garoëb constituency by-election after receiving 2 970 votes.

The by-election came necessary following the death of the constituency’s councillor, Aili Venonya, last year October.

Analyst Maruis Kudumo shared the same sentiments and stated that it is demonstrating colonial development opportunities.

“People just come look for opportunities in the city and during the holidays they return to their comfort homes.many of the reason could be people go back to their homes,he stated.

“I think the main reason for the extremely low voter turn out was not the holiday season but a combination of voter fatigue and the absence of any meaningful alternatives.
There were not much choices among the candidates, since some of the new parties also did not campaign. It had been a constituency in the firm hands of Swapo and the by-election could be seen as a necessary confirmation of this. Anything else would have been not a surprise but a sensation,”said Henning Melber.

Given this constellation, the loyal Swapo basis bothered to go to the ballots while most others did not care or felt they have no real choice. In this case I would not blame the ECN. It is an indication of the current political culture, which does not attract voters to use their democratic entitlement to make choices.

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