Fishcor fires Nghipunya

Staff Writer

The National Fishing Corporation (Fishcor) has announced the termination of the employment of Mike Nghipunya as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the corporation with immediate effect.

“The Temporary Board of Directors has concluded an objective approach of the employer-employee relationship and on the assessment of the continuation or termination of Mr Mike Nghipunya employment as the suspended CEO. Specifically with reference to his inability to tender his services to ensure institutional continuity, stability and sustainability of the corporation and its subsidiaries in terms of the National Fishing Corporation of Namibia (Fishcor) Act 1991 and the Public Enterprise Governance Act, No 1 of 2019,” Fishcor Chairperson, Mihe Goamab II said on Monday.

The decision by the corporation’s interim board comes amid allegations that the incarcerated Nghipunya continues to interfere in the operations of the company, and his continued employment has blocked the planned recruitment of an interim CEO. Nghipunya was appointed as the Fishcor CEO in 2016after he was seconded in 2014 by the Fisheries ministry.

Nghipunya was suspended from the company this February, and subsequently arrested for his role in the Fishrot saga on allegations that he used his position as CEO of the state-owned fishing company to allocate fishing rights in exchange for money. Nghipunya is facing three charges, including fraud, contravening the Anti-Corruption Act, corruptly using his office for personal gratification as well as money laundering.

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