Geingob to leave green hydrogen as legacy

Tujoromajo Kasuto

President Hage Geingob asserts that the government’s current work with Green Hydrogen will be the light at the end of the tunnel for youth and will instil hope for all as he leaves office in two and a half years.

Geingob said that young people are very impatient for success as, ‘’they want to drive government cars’’ without going through the process of progression and he does say they are not within their rights.

He said this today during his visit to Namdia.

‘’Things are now going to be better as we have levitated through very difficult times and we maintained peace and despite the suffering our and people now expect better, I think we have suffered tolerance with our own hands, but young people don’t know this suffering, as they say ‘was not there’. When people complain about unemployment they accuse the government and not opposition or ruling parties, thus the government is going to take action now for the remainder of my time, I have 2 years and few months,’’ he said.

The President asserted that this is the time to take action and when he leaves office there must be some kind of hope that people can see at the end of a tunnel.

He narrated about his time abroad where they had radical movements when he was a young boy in America, and one of the professors asked them, if ‘30 years ago, were the blacks worse off or better off, so why were they quiet’ and his response was that when ‘you have no hope, you will sit and suffer peacefully’.

However, he said when someone sees the light at the end of the tunnel, ‘’you want to get

there because there is hope and you are impatient, and that’s what we see with young people; they don’t know about the struggle days, and they want to drive government cars’’, he said.

Geingob said they have the right to do that but must be aware ‘’it is not easy what we have gone

through but time has come that we will take action on green hydrogen, we are going to brief everybody and deal with the oil situation. Green hydrogen is going to take many years, thus we will start with the oil, address our problems and we will not forget the diamonds!’’ he said.

‘’What we are doing right with green hydrogen, the government is going to take action for the remainder of my time about 2 and half, thus when we leave here, there must be some kind of hope that people can see at the end of the tunnel,’’ he reiterated.

This comes as the country has ambitions to be one of Africa’s first green hydrogen export hubs.

The government is banking on green hydrogen to attract more than N$107 billion (US$6 billion) in foreign direct investment (FDI) which is anticipated to generate annual revenues more than N$1.4 billion (US$800 million), also contribute to the Sovereign Wealth Fund.

By Observer