Hit and run driver brought back by injury to face justice

Tujoromajo Kasuto

Paulus Hango, 51 years old, member of the Explosive Sub Division at Kavango West Police Hango, died on the spot after a White Volkswagen Polo collided head-on with his vehicle at Nayara village.

The driver of the Volkswagen Polo fled from the scene of the accident.

It is alleged that the driver was later brought to the Nkurenkuru police station in the morning by a friend and was taken to hospital for the treatment of the injuries he incurred during the accident.

Hango’s vehicle overturned and landed on its roof, trapping the deceased driver inside the vehicle.

The accident took place at midnight on Sunday on the Nkurenkuru-Kahenge main road (B10 Road) at or near Mayara village in the Kavango West Region.

Meanwhile, in the Capital along Walvis Bay Street in Havana, a Namibian male adult was arrested
after he bumped into three vehicles and caused damages to all vehicles involved.

The police say that the suspect was under the influence of alcohol and no serious injuries
were sustained.

By Observer