Kavekotora accuses government of failing youth

Martin Endjala

Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) president Mike Kavekotora has accused the government for not keeping its promise to uplift the livelihoods of young people and vulnerable people.

The RDP president argued that the mid-term review budget that was tabled last month is not addressing the issues affecting young people.

The budget review currently being discussed in the National Assembly is different from the traditional that was set in recent years of only re-allocating funds from one vote to another.

This financial year, additional funds were effectively appropriated amounting to more than N$4 billion adjusting the budget upwards to N$65.5 billion from the original N$61.5 billion.

Kavekotora, is worried that the bulk of the N$4.4 billion is going to operational expenditures

and basic needs of the man on the street are of no consequence to this government.

Despite the monthly income grant increasing from N$500-600, it is still not enough given the high


The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP Maximilliant Katjimune rubbished the budget, saying it is uninspiring as it has failed to reimage the future of young people and future generations, as it does not reflect any serious commitment as to how it is going to contribute to the upliftment of the young people.

Katjimune lamented that the budget has no answer to unemployment, adding that the high debt accumulated by the government is worrisome as it demonstrates that there will be no future for young people.

What is more concerning to Katjimune is that the government seems unable to fund its own programmes for the youth, through institutions such as the National Youth Service (NYS). The NYS runs various programmes, which train youth.

The NYS’s Rietfontein Training Centre is a very significant facility, but according to Katjimune it only runs at 28% of capacity because of a lack of funds.

The MP said that this sadly leaves thousands of young people who ought to have benefited from the centre and the various programmes run by the NYS, disenfranchised and excluded from the system.

In the current budget NYS received N$64 million, which is not enough for running effective youth programmes.

During their oversight visit over to the institution in October, the Standing Committee on Human Resources and Community Development discovered that the N$64 million is not even enough to cover for salaries of NYS staff alone, and that the institution relies on revenue from its various projects to cover shortfalls.

By Observer