MHAISS urged to render efficient service delivery

Martin Endjala

The new complex of the Ministry of Home Affairs Immigration, Safety and Security (MAHISS) has been inaugurated today by President Hage Geingob.

Geingob reminded the staff that they will be working in this building to render efficient service delivery to citizens and foreign guests, urging them to adopt a service culture defined by a commitment to excellence. “Our citizens deserve nothing but efficient service delivery”, says the President. As the President often preaches that it is easy to destroy, but difficult to build, he emphasises that this building be defined by a vibrant work culture and a respect between officials and the citizens of this country as well as visitors from abroad. Further calling on the ministry’s staff to hold hands and ensure that the scourges of racism and sexism, and any other forms of discrimination do not gain a foothold within the corridors and offices of the new building. Adding that the government has created a conducive working environment via the MAHISS, and there is no excuse why excellent service delivery cannot flourish.

The building was a brain child of former President, Hifikepunye Pohamba, when heading the ministry, hence the naming of the complex after him. Pohamba was pleased to see that his hard fought work has paid off, as all offices will be now in one building, minimising ocomplaints raised by the citizens who had to run around as offices were scattered around.

Pohamba one of the challenges was to integrate the force, and in 1980 during the struggle, they sent young people for education, like to Tanzania. Today the ministry is the corner stone of peace, safety and security and protector of the Namibian nation, thus lauding those who worked the journey with him in realising the dream.

Geingob appeal to the staff of the Ministry to ensure that national documents are only issued to those who are entitled to them, stressing that they should adopt a zero tolerance for those who corruptly issue such documents to people who are not entitled to possess them. He cautioned that such practices pose a security risk. It is known that Namibian documents are highly sought after by some nationals of other countries. Therefore, Namibians should jealously guard these documents so that they do not fall in wrong hands, Geingob pleads.

He stresses that Namibia should not be left behind in the age of information. Hence he appointed a task force on the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) to ensure that as a nation, the country is prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that will be presented by 4IR.

In this regard, as a custodian of national records and data, the MHAISS is expected to play a major role in the digitiSation of record and data. “I am, therefore encouraged to note that the programme of online services promised by the ministry has commenced. Let us remember that in this modern age, to stand still is to move backwards,” Geingob encourages. Therefore also appealing for the redoubling of efforts for the modernization of all services across government bringing them online and closer to the people.

The newly inaugurated DR Hifikepunye Pohamba was constructed at the tune of N$ 813, 730, 583,93, contracted by China Civil Engineering Construction Company and JV Oshilongo Investment CC.

By Observer