MPs in solidarity to repeal obsolete laws

Martin Endjala

MPs in the National Assembly have voiced their support for the repeal of Obsolete Laws as tabled by the Minister of Justice Yvonne Dausab.

Supporting the motion, Deputy Minister of Finance, Maureen Hinda-Mbuende told the house that obsolete laws only serve as reminders of the colonial past, saying the same laws of the past are still being used to continue suppressing Namibians in a democratic country.

Referring to the Land Proclamation Act of 1922, she highlighted that the obsolete laws paved way for land dispossession of the black people.

The MP applauded the Justice Minister for the historical move to repeal some of the laws, as those who benefited from the colonial regime, still continues to do so.

She urged the Justice Minister, to bring in researchers to go deeper into these laws and repeal them accordingly and not just to say, let’s repeal all of them.

The Minister of Home Affaire, Immigration, Safety and Security Albert Kawana emphasized that the colonial laws, remind us where we come from.

In support of HInda-Mbeunda, he said the need for researchers cannot be over emphasized to correct and analyse some of these laws for future generations to be well informed where we came from.

The Rally for Democracy and Progress president Mike Kavekotora said the laws must be scrapped as they denied certain benefits to the people.

Private ownership of land is also among other things only some people could acquire land, asking where the fairness is if the constitution does not rectify the wrongs of the past.

The RDP MP said the constitution places limitations on what ordinary Namibians can do to reclaim their what was taken from them.

Works and Transport Minister, John Mutorwa said that article 140 sub close (1) of the Namibian

constitution provides for the repeal of laws. But, he is concern with other sections that are not being

repealed, although logic dictates that they are okay, he still feels there is a need for them to also be looked at.

Motorwa commented the mover of the motion for a very progressive step, saying this will be better serve all citizens.

Another MP from the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) Maximalliant Katjimune, commented these laws lived their time, while cautioning against the total repeal of indecent of obscene pornographic materials amendment act of 1985.

The MP said that the act was intended to safeguard society from pornographic material, however, with an evolving world of modern gadgets and social media, he views the act as vital in protecting children.

Hence, it is important to clarify other matters as well, pertaining to indecent films, which are very

harmful to children and create mechanisms that will be put in place to counter such


By Observer