Swartbooi rules out any
coalitions for the 2024 elections

Martin Endjala

Landless Peoples Movement (LPM) Leader, Bernadus Swartbooi is firm that for the 2024 elections, his party will not enter into coalitions with any other political parties or formations.

FeelIing that some political parties are not fighting hard enough for the people, but are rather embroiled in chamber fights and personal ambitions. “We can’t sit still, we can’t be quiet when injustices occurs,” says Swartbooi.

A member of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP), Bernadus Swartbooi, at a media conference today, also rubbishes news of him having been kicked out of the Pan African Parliament (PAP) during its latest session as false and misleading. The PAP session was from 24 October to 11 November in Johannesburg in South Africa. A section of the media reported last week that the LPM leader was kicked out of PAP after a confrontation with fellow members for not being accorded a chance for his contribution on issues raised after other members were accorded ample time. “It shocked me to the core when I heard about the news circulating that I was kicked out of PAP,”Swartbooi laments. The MP rubbishes such reporting as unethical and misleading to the Namibian people in view of exaggeration of the information. He thus cautions the media to report factually and accurately and not to be driven by their media houses agendas, opining that such news will send out a negative message to the masses.

This kind of reporting, Swartbooi says, seems to have an agenda of painting the leadership of the LPM as poor and unsuitable to lead. He continues that there seems to be a vendetta against LPM as the party had to fight for a year with the National Assembly Speaker to have a representative at PAP and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Forum, were he is currently serving after the interventions of President Hage Geingob in the matter. The news about him being kicked out of PAP, is said to have a very negative impact, as it is conveying a wrong perception to the masses, the same people who voted for them.

Swartbooi further opines that the constant blocking of opposition parties by ruling parties in joining such advisory and legislative bodies in Africa is proving to be cumbersome. “We have a long way to go, in building democracy,” Swartbooi emphasises. The LPM will therefore continue raising its voice against corruption and injustices and will not remain quiet. Equally, as much as they will be exercising their democratic right, they will continue to voice their rights within the space of the laws provided. The LPM leader intended to table a motion on the genocide of Ovaherero and Nama by imperial Germany. The motion, however, was reportedly removed for unknown reasons from the order paper.

Meanwhile, the out spoken leader also informs that next Monday, he will be accompanying the PAP President, Fortune Charumbira on PAP’s visits to African countries. He highlights that since his selection to PAP, he has been part of the Rules, Privileges and Discipline Committee, where 96 rules were identified as needing amendment or repealed. Consensus was then reached and 87 rules were deemed as needing amendments to ensure that they fully operate as intended.

By Observer