Schlettwein disagrees with 40% subsidy<br>proposal saying it is discriminatory

Schlettwein disagrees with 40% subsidy
proposal saying it is discriminatory

Martin Endjala Minister of Agriculture Water and Land and Reform (MAWLR), Carl Schlettwein, is not supporting the motion calling for 40 percent subsidy for farmers in the Omusati region, and parts of Oshana region, saying the proposal by the motion is discriminatory.The minister echoes his views in the National Assembly this week. The proposal also covers areas such as Omahenene, Omakuwa, Omangololwani, Epalele, Omindamba, Ishanaputa, Okathakoushongo, Olupaka,Omuulukila,Outapi, Onambelela, Ombafi, Okeeke, Ongongo, and Shitutuma, Oshipanda, Oshikuku, Onampila and Emo. Villages that have been identified by the motion as having access to water flowing through the Omahenene canal. The minister says the…
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