operationalization of whistle-blower

Deliberate stalling of operationalization of<br>whistle-blower office loots state resources-PDM

Deliberate stalling of operationalization of
whistle-blower office loots state resources-PDM

Martin Endjala Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) view the stalling in operationalising the whistle-blowers office in the country as continuing to loot state resources which negatively impacts the electorate. The party also says it is inexcusable that the government continues to sing the old song of “insufficient funds” to operationalise this office despite the law being passed over five years ago. The only possible answer the party indicates, is that the government wants to aid and abet corruption, hence the stalling. “We say no to corruption! Not on our watch,” reads a statement. The party is giving the government 60 days…
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