Turkish clothing store, LC
Waikiki opens grand in Wernhill

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LC Waikiki, a leading fashion retail brand globally, had officially opened its doors in the capital with a 2000sqm store in the Wernhil Shopping Center.

This is part of its plan to expand further in Africa in line with its mission, ‘Everyone Deserves to Dress Well.’ Namibian customers can discover LC Waikiki’s special collections with wide choice of men, women, and children’s clothes. LC Waikiki has more than 1200 stores in 56 countries, 357 cities and market leader in 22 countries where it operates. Today, the brand has entered 57th country with Namibia, which will be their 15th country in African region.

LC Waikiki’s target is to have more than 1500 stores all over the world in the next few years. The company reported that they have almost 600 million products sold in 2021. As for Africa, LC Waikiki operates countries which includes Algeria, DR Congo, Congo Republic, Egypt, Kenya, Cameroon, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Libya, Reunion.

“Namibian market is one of most attractive market in Africa thanks to its economic potential, population and location in Southern Africa. It is a proud moment for us to open this store today as it signifies progress in LC Waikiki’s Africa growth strategy. According to our deep observation, Namibia has a good port where products can be easily sent from overseas countries and Shopping Center investments are growing. Namibia is one of the countries which has economic stability and has an income level above many African countries in terms of per capital. All these positive results encourage us to enter Namibian market. “We would like to be in other cities to reach all our Namibian customers soon,” says Sevda Bilen, the LC Waikiki Country Manager.

The ambitions for the brand in Namibia is to offer quality and suitable products with the mission of ‘Everyone deserves to dress well. In addition to this, LC Waikiki aims to increase the number of stores in the country in a short time thereby contributing to the employment of the country with their large square meter stores. In 2023, the brand is planning to open a kids store in Wernhil Shopping Centre as well, at 400 sqm. Close to the end of 2023, they are planning to open one more store in the country.

By Observer