Two toddlers die in hut fire

Tujoromajo Kasuto

TWO minors, Dhimbulukweni Nampahethi and Welitemba Nampahethi, were burned beyond recognition while sleeping in a hut with four other children.
The fire incident happened on Thursday around 03h00 in the morning at Otjimanangombe village, Ruacana Constituency, Omusati region. Omusati Police Regional Crime Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Mosses Simao, says four (4) children were asleep alone in the traditional hut. “The traditional hut caught fire and burnt down. Two children were burned by the fire beyond recognition while two children aged 6 and 9 survived. The cause of the fire is still unknown. There was one guardian in the house who was sleeping in a separate traditional hut who went and rescued the two children,” he adds.
One of the three children, a nine-year-old boy, was reportedly injured and was transported to Omonawatjihozu clinic, where he was confirmed to be in a stable condition awaiting transfer to Outapi District Hospital, while a six-year-old boy survived with no injuries.
The Commissioner cautions residents and all parents to take care of their children and make sure all the sources that might lead to fires are off before going to sleep or bed. Dhimbulukweni Nampahethi (3) a boy and Welitemba Nampahethi (4) a girl were both residents of Otjimanangombe village, Ruacana Constituency, Omusati region.
The next of kin had been notified and the two bodies had been transported to Okahao Police mortuary for postmortem. Investigation into the matter is ongoing.

By Observer