Women encouraged to lead green hydrogen revolution

Martin Endjala

The most publicised green hydrogen prospects for Namibia has received a favourable interest from women from all works of life attending the ‘Women and Green Hydrogen’ conference organised by the RDJ Publishing and held in Windhoek today.A UNAM professor of physics and renewable energy chairing Namibia green hydrogen research, Zivayi Chiguvera was dismayed to have learned that across the world hydrogen fuel stations have been set up accept here in Africa, thus stressing that Namibia is now well positioned to realize that dream in Africa.

Chiguvera indicated that there are various pilot projects set up in two regions namely IIKharas and Erongo as well as the Daures Constituency.

He pointed out that women must ensure that they participate in the green hydrogen revolution, as a means of diversification.

The chairperson of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) Anicia Peters currently attending COP27 told the gathering via virtual means that women play a vital role in the emerging economy, encouraging them to optimise their skills and get involve in the much hyped green hydrogen activities.

Chugivera in support also underpinned that there is a number of skilled women already practicing in

chemistry, science field, which he termed essential in this regard.

A GIZ technical advisor in Renewable Energy Investment and Regulatory Framework, Tuliikeni Ndadi

emphasised that Africa swims in energy and water poverty.

Ndadi stated that many African people lack access to clean energy and portable clean water.

With every evolving climate change, the prospect of green hydrogen is a hybrid that countries must

now tap into and realise an envisioned Africa with possibilities.

Meanwhile, the executive director of research, innovation and partnership at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) Anna Matroos-Goreses believes that a female led energy equity will ensure that benefits are accrued to benefit the marginalised people in communities.

Charnelle Fortuin-Ndlovu, a project and business developer for HDF at NUST assured that if green hydrogen is carefully managed it will not do any harm, answering to concerns raised of possible dangers hydrogen may bring about.

Fortuin-Ndlovu advised women to be curious and expose themselves and take risks.

The green hydrogen is expected to create about 15 000 jobs, with a further 3000 also a possibility during the construction of pilot projects and afterwards.

By Observer