Youth urged to take charge of their future

Martin Endjala

Young people are urged to take charge of their future and to empower their vision by ensuring that they fulfill it. “Each generation must discover their own mission to fulfill it or betray it”.

President Hage Geingob said this quoting from the seminal work of Frantz Fannon, the ‘Wretched of the Earth’ when he opened the 17th Namibia National Students Organization congress (NANSO) today in Windhoek.

Geingob emphasized that leaders must first be accountable to themselves and respectfulness and not to seek for it but to live by it. ‘’Firstly we must be accountable and respectful to ourselves before others respect us”, he stated.

He pointed out that NANSO is not a one man show leadership, but rather a collective effort thus propelling young people not to worship people or individuals, but to follow the structural processes that are put in place.

“People come and go, but structures that are put in place always remain,’’ Geingob said.

He further alluded that the Namibian house cannot be build, where tribalism exists, adding that the house must live in harmony. “If we disagree, let’s debate, fight, but we must harmonize, because it is all part of the process of building a nation, Geingob opined.

Similarly, he urged young people to engage one another and not to look at ethnicities, language, but rather one nation, one tribe with one common goal.

Geingob pointed out that the government continues to enjoy good relations with NANSO, and finding mechanism that ensures that inequality in the education system is nullified and to reimage a Namibia that is full of hope and cognizant that the youth are facilitated at the highest.

He said accountability and engagement cannot be overemphasized. Support efforts in prosperity, unemployment, access to education, empowerment and quality education are all of social importance.

The president expects the discussions and deliberations during the congress to resonate with the young people to bring about initiatives, ideas, better education systems, and how they go about tackling the challenges faced by the youth.

The congress is expected to be holding its leadership election and the Deputy Minister of Sport, Youth and National Services Emma Kantema-Gaomas hopes that the incoming leadership will take cognizance of the work already done and continue in bringing about new innovative breakthroughs.

NANSO President Simon Tapopi, advised the youth to take ownership of their future and not to wait for opportunities but to rather become creative masterminds to bring about a future that they can thrive in and flourish.

Pohamba Shifeta, the Minister of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, called on young people to trust in their leadership capabilities.

While the Governor of Khomas Region Laura-Mcleod Katjirua advised that all stakeholders come together in order to shape the country’s education.


By Observer