16 Women Coaches Complete NFA C Licence Coaching Course in Windhoek

Windhoek, Namibia: 16 dedicated and passionate women in football have successfully completed the NFA C License Coaching Course in Windhoek. This milestone marks a pivotal moment in the Namibia Football Association’s (NFA) Women Football Development strategy, aimed at building technical capacity among women coaches and up scaling their competency.

Namibia has been making impressive strides in women’s football in recent years. Women football has been gaining recognition on the international stage, and the NFA is determined to foster this growth further by investing in the women behind the scenes – the coaches. The WSL NFA C License Coaching Course is a testament to this commitment.

The course, which spanned two weeks, covered various aspects of football coaching, including tactical analysis, physical training, sports psychology, and leadership skills. The 16 participants, all of whom are enthusiastic about the sport, demonstrated unwavering dedication throughout the course, showcasing their passion for football and their determination to make a difference in women’s football in Namibia.

Speaking about the significance of this achievement, NWFA Chairperson, Ms. Monica Shapwa, said, “The completion of the NFA C Licence Coaching Course by these 16 talented women is a testament to our commitment to the development of women’s football in Namibia. These coaches are the backbone of our future success, and by empowering them with the necessary skills and knowledge, we are building a strong foundation for the growth of women’s football in our country.”

The NFA’s Women Football Development strategy, which was launched several years ago, focuses not only on developing players but also on nurturing a cadre of skilled and certified coaches who can provide top-quality guidance and mentoring to the next generation of footballers. This approach aims to create a sustainable and competitive women’s football ecosystem in Namibia.

The participants were : Kavikairiua Tjiiue (Ramblers FC), Namases Desiree (Mighty Gunners), Paulus Novata (NAMPOL), Kasaona Ester (Quelle FC), Gwen Narises (Ramblers FC), Klaasen Judy (Young Blood FC), Skrywer Juliana (FC Ongos), Hivirikuee Kasaona (Girls and Goals), Shiimi Johanna (Playtime), Mbaha Ester (Hippo Primary School), Wahengo Rauna (Spitting Cobras), Amuthenu Jacobina (NUST Babes), Kamusuvise Veriapoje (Okakarara Golden Ladies), Andreas Emilia (Endola Sports Club), Shikage Rosa (Ramblers Ladies FC), Asteria Angula (SKW)

In addition to enhancing their technical coaching skills, these 16 women coaches have become role models and advocates for women’s football in Namibia. Their achievements are an inspiration to young girls across the country, proving that football is a sport where women can excel, both on and off the field.

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