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Value-Added Tax (VAT) Fraud

Value-Added Tax Act 10 of 2000 was brought into force on 27 November 2000, to provide for the imposition and collection of value-added tax and to provide for matters incidental thereto. Subject to this Act, there shall be levied and paid, for the benefit of the State Revenue Fund, a tax (to be known as the value-added tax) on every taxable supply by a registered person; and on every import of goods or import of services, other than an exempt import.

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Meatco directors resign

Material differences including issues to-do with the direction of the company have seen Chairperson of the Meatco board, Johnnie Hamman, his deputy Clara Bohitile and Kay Dieter Rumpf tendering their resignations.

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EIF hosts Sustainable Development Awards

The Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF) hosted this year’s edition of the Sustainable Development awards, which recognizes the outstanding contributions made by Namibians in the field of sustainable development, under the theme “accelerating the green economy transformation as we recover from Covid-19”

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