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PUMA Energy Namibia launches Puma Lubricants

PUMA Energy Namibia Limited one of the leading Oil Marketing Company in Namibia (OMCs) has officially launched its line of Lubricants into the market called Puma Lubricants having three different products; HD Super for diesel & petrol engines, GT Plus, fully synthetic engine oil for petrol & diesel engines & HD Extra for diesel engines.

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The importance of appointing a proxy and executor

“Most of us have probably faced death and thought about our own mortality more often, and however daunting the prospect may be the consequences of not preparing for this inevitability can be devastating for those left behind when a family member passes away, which is something that has unfortunately happened far too often over the last few months,” says Taswald July, FNB Group Legal Advisor

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The Rise of eCommerce – is Namibia ready?

eCommerce has become a buzz word as one of the key revelations of the 21st century economic realities. We have all witnessed the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic further reinforcing the importance of being able to buy and sell goods and services or transmitting funds or data over electronic networks.

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Value-Added Tax (VAT) Fraud

Value-Added Tax Act 10 of 2000 was brought into force on 27 November 2000, to provide for the imposition and collection of value-added tax and to provide for matters incidental thereto. Subject to this Act, there shall be levied and paid, for the benefit of the State Revenue Fund, a tax (to be known as the value-added tax) on every taxable supply by a registered person; and on every import of goods or import of services, other than an exempt import.

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