2024 Nedbank Namibia Windhoek Power Pedal Series Third Leg is on

Nedbank Namibia Windhoek Power Pedal Series (WPP3) marking the third leg of the six events scheduled for this year is set to take place on Sunday, April 14th, at the entrance of Matchless Mine in Windhoek.

Stephanus Feris, one of the organizers from the Windhoek Pedal Power Cycling Club, expressed confidence in the preparations, stating that “All is set for the event.” The route, he mentioned, remains unchanged from previous years, promising a challenging yet exhilarating course for participants.

Highlighting the competitive nature of the race, Feris noted the expected participation of top male and female Namibian road cyclists. Last year’s champions, Simonis Storm powered by Hollard, swept both the men’s and women’s team events, setting a high bar for this year’s contenders.

Among the individual contenders defending their titles are Drikus Coetzee and Anri Kruger, last year’s WPP3 individual men’s and women’s race winners, respectively. Coetzee, reflecting on his preparation, expressed eagerness to gauge his fitness level after a recent ultra-endurance event in Morocco. Kruger, on the other hand, emphasized the competitive dynamics of the Matchless Mine race, citing it as her favorite due to its challenges and well-organized nature.

Selma Kaulinge, Nedbank Namibia’s Communications and Public Relations Manager, highlighted the significance of the event in the context of the broader cycling community. She expressed excitement for the upcoming race and underscored Nedbank’s commitment to supporting Namibian cyclists through various initiatives, including the Nedbank Windhoek Pedal Power Race Series.

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