4IR to create plethora of jobs

Martin Endjala

The chairperson of the Namibia Task force on the 4th Industrialization Revolution, Anicia Peters, stressed that the 4IR through its application in the economy will create thousands of jobs.

Peters said this during today’s 4IR conference at Safari Court in Windhoek, attended by the Head of State President Hage Geingob and ministers as well as stakeholders.
She said that 4IR must improve farming in the country, and develop the ordinary person on the street, thought the use of emerging technologies.

She stated that industrial revolutions, are normally a shift or move into improved production, adding that 4IR presents multiple opportunities for big corporations and the ordinary citizens on the street can utilize the technologies for their advancement.

The 4IR chairperson said the exhibition showcased during the conference is a clear indication that the country is blessed with talents which shows Namibia readiness to embrace 4IR and the technologies that come with it.

Peters went on to express her gratitude towards volunteers from UNAM and NUST in assisting and conducting research analysis and funding from the GIZ and other stakeholders.

President Geingob wants the high rate of youth unemployment to be addressed in the 4IR, stressing that no one should be left behind.

He continued to point out that there are youth sitting at home with their degrees, and are hoping and wondering when they will get a job.

The President highlighted that he is acutely aware that rapid technological advancements, not matched with requisite levels of investments, bear the risk of leaving more people behind and widening the inequality gap in the society.

“Owing to the pervasive nature of these technologies, we cannot escape from or entirely avoid a digital future, we must therefore put people at the center of social and economic changes.”

He emphasised that special focus be paid to Rural Development Strategies, so as to ensure marginalised communities and young people who are facing unique challenges, are supported equitably, to break the cycles of poverty.

The President also emphasized that, in order for technology to be a force for development for all Namibians, it must reach everyone.
Geingob said that the remainder of his presidential term will be used to champion critical reforms, together with the whole Government, towards improving quality of life for all Namibians.

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