51-year-old rape, assault victim dies

Tujoromajo Kasuto

A 51-year-old Hendriana Kambikiti died after being raped and assaulted Saturday night at Oshuushu village in the Ogongo Constituency in the Omusati Region.

The suspect, 27-year-old Joseph Nuujoma Petrus from the same village was arrested and charged for murder.

Omusati Regional Crime Coordinator, Deputy Commisioner Moses Simaho says that Petrus struct her once on the head with a broken object and raped her.

He further robbed the deceased of her Nokia cellphone valued at N$300. The cellphone was recovered.

Meanwhile, also in Ogongo constituency, a 23-year-old woman is facing charges of murder and defeating the cause of justice after suffocating her one year old baby girl in January at Ondjindja village.

Simaho says that she additionally lied about the whereabouts of the baby.

It is further alleged that the suspect after allegedly buried the body in a shallow grave behind her sleeping room.

On Friday in Okwalondo, 5-year-old Hambeleleni Shitenga burnt to death when a corrugated iron sheet room in which she was sleeping caught fire and burnt out. The deceased and her other siblings of 15, 12 and one year were left together in the house by their mother.

The elder siblings allegedly left the deceased and the one-year-old alone in the house and went to play. While playing they saw the house on fire and rushed to the house, where they only found the one year old standing at the entrance of the burning room. The room burnt to ashes.


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