5G bribery investigations still ongoing

Helena Johannes

The President of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) Mike Kavekotora said that bribery internal investigations of former member Brunhilde Cornelius and Nicanor Ndjoze are still ongoing despite Cornelius’ resignation from the party.

“We are expecting to have an internal meeting within the upcoming two weeks to discuss and conclude the matter,” Kavekotora said.

This comes as Kavekotora previously told Windhoek Observer that investigations of the two were disrupted by COVID-9 restrictions of movement in and out of Windhoek.

Cornelius has alleged she was offered a bribe by Ndjoze who is also a RDP member to ensure that Chinese technology company Huawei would win an exclusive contract to install a 5G telecommunications network in Windhoek. Cornelius made these allegations in a legal statement that was filed with the Namibian police on 19 June 2020.

However, Cornelius resigned from RDP earlier October, accusing the party of failure to address her allegations of corruption against Ndjoze. She later joined the Republican Party (RP).

The Republican Party has accepted her regardless of pending investigations against her by the City Council. Henk Mudge, RP President said “She is not accused of bribery; in short she is the accuser not the accused. She reported them for being corrupt.”

Cornelius is nominated to run for Windhoek local authority councilor during the upcoming November elections on a Republican Party ticket just few days after she joined the party. Mudge labeled her competent. He believes she has the experience after two terms on the City Council, to serve the RP.

“I am very happy that she is with RP because she is capable of great things through our party,” Mudge added.

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