KK not one for quiet diplomacy, Nujoma

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Former Minister of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture Kazenambo Kazenambo (KK), was one not for quiet diplomacy.

Says Founding President, Sam Nujoma, in a tribute read on his behalf by Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Jenelly Matundu.

Matundu read the tribute at the Parliament Gardens at memorial service in memory of KK in Windhoek on Friday afternoon. Nujoma described KK, as he was affectionately known, as “one of our fearless and formidable freedom fighters, whose illustrious military and political career speaks volume of his immense contribution to our country before and after independence”.

Kazenambo died on 17 August 2021 due to Covid-19-related complication at the age of 58.

“It is therefore with heavy hearts that we join the nation in bidding farewell to one of our veterans of our national liberation struggle,” reads the tribute.

“KK executed his role as Minister of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture with diligence and with dedication. Against this background, his passing has not only robbed the bereaved family and friends of a caring person but has also robbed us of a vibrant and dynamic voice of the voiceless who served our country exceptionally well.”

“KK was a man of his words and never shy to offer his opinion on anything, those within earshot would hear it. “He was not one for quiet diplomacy; a quality that both set him apart and agitated his peers. KK would speak from the heart, and could give an assessment of the politics in the country and in the SWAPO Party with little regard for his own political survival.”

“We recall when he said ‘what needs to happen between now and 2024 is for SWAPO leaders, whether we are serving currently or not, to critically look ourselves in the mirror and without apportioning blame to anyone but ourselves’,” adds the tribute.

“The problem of fighting ourselves is a weak link within our party because many of those that are in the leadership enjoy bashing others and excluding others. What we need to do is swallow our pride, mend our egos and say as a SWAPO family we quarrelled and fought but for the sake of this organization, for which we left our colleagues in unmarked graves across the world, let us concentrate on the bigger picture,” the late KK is tribute as saying once.

“We commend his spirit to our departed veterans of the liberation struggle and hand over the work of his hand to his family and future generations as a symbol of honour to his service and love for our country,” he is bade farewell.

“Our hearts go out to you as you go through the grief of a loss so overwhelming. As you walk through these difficult times, it is our wish that you are consoled by the knowledge that the formidable legacy of KK lives on including as an unapologetic and vocal advocate for the reparations of our people by Germany,” KK’s family is consoled.

“As you carry him to his final resting place, allow me, on behalf of the veterans of our national liberation struggle, the Nujoma family and indeed on my own behalf, to extend our deepest condolences and heartfelt sympathies to the entire bereaved family members and comrades for this loss. May we all be granted fortitude during these trying times. May his soul rest in eternal peace,” the Founding Fathers parts way with his comrade.

Kazenambo will be laid to rest in the Okapuka aea, about 30 kilometres from Windhoek at a site where his great grandfather was also buried.

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