75% of teachers not admitted to GIPF

The Government Institutions and Pension Fund (GIPF) has raised concerns about employees of the Ministry of Education, particularly teachers who are not admitted to the fund.
According to GIPF general marketing and stakeholder engagement manager, Edwin Tjiramba, they found that a significant number of employees from participating employers are not admitted, despite the requirement for all permanent employees to be admitted to the Fund.
He said the most affected employees are those working within the Ministry of Education, accounting for approximately 75% of members not admitted to the Fund or those who experience delays with their admission.
Tjiramba stated that the delay or failure in admission poses several challenges and can lead to a host of issues that can have serious implications for both the members and the overall efficiency of the Fund.
Tjiramba urged all participating employers to ensure timely admission of their employees to the Fund.

Report: Martin Endjala

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