A family hair studio just for you!

Jackie Wilson Asheeke

ZZI Kids Hair Studio opened its doors at Maerua Mall on 30 March 2019 and it is now evolving into a hair care center for all customers of all ages. Morna Ikosa, the co-owner of ZZI Family Hair Studio has worked hard to get the business running well. Go support this black owned business and give them a try.

Studio did great work with kids for more than a year. Go there and see the photos of the terrific hairstyles done for the young ones. They are beautiful. Giving service to kids and keeping them engaged and comfortable was certainly a challenge. But, a great one.

They decided to transition from a kid’s hair studio to a family studio. They want a mom, dad, and the kids to enjoy the comfort and services that the ZZI Family Hair Studio offers.

Their talented staff can do all kinds of hair of all people. They work with a diverse range of hair textures, lengths and style needs. Anyone wishing a top notch hair style, not just for your fidgety, low-attention span kids, but for everyone in your household, check out ZZI.

ZZI Family Hair Studio is fitted with a UV steriliser, where combs, brushes and other items in order to ensure exceptionally hygiene. Due to Covid-19 regulations, the Studio disinfects every second week and the stations and brushes are continually sanitised.

The staff continually receive training in order to effectively work with all children type of hair and to ensure they provide excellent service to all clients. All the equipment in the Studio caters specifically to the needs of a family, from hair dryers, boaster seats and other items.

ZZI Family Hair Studio has an Art corner, where kids are given the liberty to express themselves artistically; storytelling, where the staff reads to the children and tells them stories, like the past old generations used to do; braiding, and all other hair regimens (i.e colour, treatment, wash and blow, protective styling, cutting); Bead grooming, and cuts for gents.

For the natural hair enthusiasts – you now have a home. Many who are transitioning to natural hair have been finding it difficult to find a place that is knowledgeable about their hair and can handle their hair gently. The Studio also caters to all other hair types.

For more information check out Facebook: ZZI Family Hair studio and boutique and Instagram: ZZI Family Hair Studio. For bookings call: 0855 222 139. The Studio is still situated at Maerua Mall, upstairs next to MTC mobile home.

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