Advocate’s bribery charge thrown out due to lack of evidence

Hertta-Maria Amiutenja

The state has withdrawn its bribery charge against Advcocate Eliaser Nekwaya, who was arrested last weekend after he allegedly attempted to bribe police officers with N$ 10 000, after his associate, Lawyer Henry Shimutwikeni was arrested on allegations of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Sources revealed that the lawyers were coming from a popular night club in Windhoek before they were intercepted by police officers.

Shimutwikeni now faces a charge of bribery, driving under the influence of alcohol and refusing to take a breathalyzer.

Sisa Namandje who represented Nekwaya said they have been informed by the state that the case against Nekwaya will be dropped in accordance with the statutory provision mentioned by the state.

“We have been informed by the state that the case against the accused will be withdrawn in terms of the statutory provision refered to by the state and we are in agreement that the record reflects the basis for the withdrawal that at present there is no sufficient evidence against the accused. We have cooperated fully and provided the police with an explanatory statement on the basis that it is clear that the accused never did or attempted to commit the alleged bribery. We do not have no objection,” said Namandje.

Upon their arrest, police officers granted Shimutwikeni bail in the amount of N$6,000 while Nekwaya was granted N$ 8000 bail. The latter’s bail money has since been refunded.

Shimutwikeni who is being represented by Samson Enkali, has been warned to appear on 24 July 2023 while further investigations are being conducted.

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