African Energy Week set to attract more investors for Namibia

Niël Terblanché

President Hage Geingob as the opening keynote speaker at the highly anticipated African Energy Week (AEW) 2023, will once again highlight Namibia’s investment potential.

The gathering is slated to take place from October 16 to 20 in Cape Town and promises to bring together global industry leaders and policymakers to deliberate on the paramount issues surrounding energy poverty, sustainability, and market growth.

President Geingob’s address will align with AEW’s overarching theme, focusing on the ‘African Energy Renaissance.’

At the heart of President Geingob’s address lies Namibia’s vision for an energy renaissance.

According to the organisers of the event, President Geingob is poised to delve into the remarkable growth of Namibia’s oil and gas sector, alongside its advancements in green hydrogen development. This vision is rooted in fostering a secure and resilient energy future for the southern African region.

President Geingob’s strategic leadership has played a pivotal role in propelling Namibia to the forefront of the energy landscape. His adept management of the nation’s energy ambitions has turned Namibia into a hotspot for investment and innovation, attracting global industry giants.

Namibia’s geographical advantage along the southwestern African coast has led to significant offshore oil discoveries. Recent years have witnessed five momentous discoveries in the nation’s oil and gas fields, solidifying Namibia’s status as an attractive investment hub and a burgeoning oil and gas market within Africa.

President Geingob’s emphasis on gas-based power generation is another notable milestone. The Kudu project, a groundbreaking initiative, aims to leverage offshore natural gas reserves for electricity generation, diminishing reliance on imported power and enhancing energy sources.

Namibia’s journey towards sustainability extends to the realm of renewable energy, with President Geingob’s leadership driving the nation’s ascent in the green hydrogen sector. Namibia’s ambitious green hydrogen project, set to commence by 2030, is poised to become a global benchmark. The project’s transformative potential is underpinned by its intent to generate two million tons of green ammonia annually, backed by substantial renewable energy infrastructure.

Namibia is positioned as a model for the African continent. The nation’s strategic direction, supported by collaboration and innovation, is set to create a future marked by energy security, sustainability, and growth.

Geingob’s address at AEW 2023 will offer invaluable insights into Namibia’s energy priorities and strategies, setting the tone for the event. AEW is designed to bring together African energy stakeholders, policymakers, and international investors to explore opportunities across the continent’s energy landscape.

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