Afrocat Sports Club is pioneering excellence and nurturing talent

Exclusive Interview with Founder Coach Ishitile

How would you rate your performance last year (2023)

Coach Ishitile : Afrocat Sports Club has been able to stamped its mark as a powerhouse in sports performances across multiple disciplines in 2023. And stepping into 2024, we plan to continues in our quest to achieve for sporting supremacy while embracing a commitment to talent development and community engagement.

Can you share some achievement in 2023

Coach Ishitile : Our dominion in netball, volleyball, soccer, and tennis was felt across various courts and fields of Windhoek, Oshakati, Gobabis, and Rundu. Our netball teams displayed exceptional skills, in every city that we visited. Meanwhile, our volleyball triumphs in Windhoek and Oshakati paved Afrocat’s stature as a formidable force in the sport. In soccer, our performance, reflected the club’s dedication to excellence. Even our tennis stars showed their skill in Windhoek’s tennis courts.

What’s the Vision for 2024

Coach Ishitile : Afrocat is not only about competition, our vision extends to nurturing budding talent and exploring new horizons. Initiating a Tennis Project in Windhoek stands as a testament to what we stand for. We believe in providing a platform to aspiring athletes to refine their skills. If you remember last year we introduced a Beach Volleyball Section in Oshakati and Okandjengendi, this will ensure we broaden the club’s offerings, and we are inviting sports lovers to join us in this new ventures.

What Plans are lined up then?

Coach Ishitile : To tell you the truth, we already started on on January 8th with our training and development program, underscoring our commitment to enhancing the growth of our athletes and their capabilities.

We are very excited about 2024 activities including Afrocat’s 2024 Funday on March 3rd at Shipena SSS, this is a crucial fundraising event for the club but also an opportunity to showcase both the facilities and induct potential members and the public alike to our world of sports.

You mentioned Beach Volleyball, what is the plan?

Coach Ishitile : 2024 promises to be a hive of activities for the beach volleyball journey, as we will start with the Afrocat-Titans BVB tournament in May, to be followed by the Beltane Masters Beach Volleyball Tournament in July, and finally the Brimstone Medical Service King or Queen of the Court event in August.

As a club we are dedication extends to the beach volleyball to the youth with the Youth Section Beach Volleyball Tournament in August, followed by the Beach Volleyball League from September to November, culminating in the grand Gwakondo Beach Volleyball Tournament in December.

How do you see Afrocat integration into National Premier Leagues and Development Initiatives

Coach Ishitile : While we are not about competition, it is important that we participate in the national premier leagues such as the Netball Premier League and several local leagues, as only through this kind of competitions can we demonstrate our commitment to the sport’s higher echelons.

And that is why as a club, we will be implementing youth development in volleyball with the following categories for under 10, 13, and 17, underscoring our dedication to nurturing talent at grassroots levels.

What message do you have for others in sports?

Coach Ishitile : As Afrocat Sports Club we are champions of seizing opportunities and embracing the excitement provided by sports. We just do not invite able bodied persons only to come join us, it is not just for athletes but for every enthusiast passionate about sports.

We are promising that the club endeavors in 2024, not just triumphs on the courts and fields but also to show more as testament to our enduring commitment to sportsmanship, growth, and inclusivity.

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