Agribank inaugurates new regional office

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Agribank has inaugurated its newly relocated regional office in Katima Mulilo on Friday, to improve its client experience as well as to ensure conducive working environment for staff when servicing farmers and potential farmers in the Zambezi region.

Though the Bank has been operational for some years in the town, the new office according to the lender, elevates the it’s visibility and accessibility to clients and other stakeholders.

Zambezi Regional Governor Lawrence Sampofu in a speech read on his behalf said the opening of the new Agribank office in Katima Mulilo is a welcome expression of the trust and confidence that Agribank has in the economic potential of the town and the region at large, and urged the residents of the Zambezi region, particularly women and youth to make use of the office and utilize the bank’s services.

“I am pleased to learn that Agribank has recently introduced the women and youth scheme, with relaxed conditions. It is my hope that more young people and women from this region will take advantage of this scheme and become producers of note. The Zambezi region is endowed with sufficient fertile land and water and if you add productive youth and women to this equation, we can make our region the breadbasket of our country,” Sampofu said.

Agribank’s Chairperson Michael Iyambo expressed gratitude on Bank’s interventions in the region which includes agri-advisory services and trainings that saw 682 farmers benefiting in the region.

Iyambo appealed to the local staff to continue rendering superior customer service, ensure accountability and extend professional courtesy to all stakeholders.

“If we live by these values, I am sure that we will cement our position as the leading public enterprise in service delivery in Namibia while fulfilling our notable mandate in making a developmental impact,” he said.

Agribank Chief Executive Officer Sakaria Nghikembua highlighted that the Bank had embarked on a transformation journey a few years ago that encompasses the transparency, excellent corporate governance, employee development as well as socioeconomic transformation.

“We are the best governed state-owned enterprise in Namibia, I can go on record and say that. We have very good record of risk management approaches and systems, strong internal controls, we comply with procurement policies of government and that is very important to us, if the institution is properly governed then the sustainability is ensured,” he said.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the acting Governor of the Zambezi region Peter Mwala, Katima Mulilo Mayor Charles Matengu, Agribank Board Chairperson and senior management as well as other stakeholders in the region.

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