Agriculture ministry appoints four women to leading roles in Communal Land Boards

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform has announced the appointment of four women to key positions within the Communal Land Boards.

Emphasising the importance of diverse representation, Minister Calle Schlettwein highlighted that each board will now include two women engaged in farming operations in the board’s area and two women with expertise relevant to the functions of the board.

“The aspects of appointments of women have been made to ensure that women are represented in the highest decision-making bodies,” stressed Schlettwein.

He added this move aligns with the government’s commitment to fostering fair and transparent land administration processes that contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

During the inauguration ceremony for the Eighth Term of the Communal Land Boards, Schlettwein outlined the crucial responsibilities entrusted to the newly appointed members. These include overseeing land allocations, considering applications for leaseholds, maintaining a comprehensive registration system, and advising on issues related to the Communal Land Reform Act.

Furthermore, Schlettwein urged the boards to develop strategic and annual plans aligned with the Ministerial Strategic Plan, emphasising the need for quantified targets. “Communal Land Boards must not operate in a vacuum. Analyse the challenges your region is facing and develop an action plan for implementation,” he stated.

The Minister also provided insights into the progress of the Land Bill, emphasising its potential to bring about improved communal land administration and productivity once enacted into law. He urged board members to familiarise themselves with the provisions of the Communal Land Reform Act, highlighting the importance of understanding the legislation to avoid appeals lodged against board decisions.

Closing his address, Minister Schlettwein emphasised the need for efficient use of time during board meetings.

“I implore upon all Land Boards to use time efficiently to ensure that the meeting Agendas are exhausted each time a meeting is convened,” said Schlettwein.

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