Amupanda walks away from FIMA

Tujoromajo Kasuto

Job Amupanda, the leader of Affirmative Repositioning movement, has resigned from the Financial Institutions and Markets Act of 2021 (FIMA) Technical Committee, claiming that Finance Minister Ipumbu Shiimi is conspiring behind closed doors to force him out.

The chief AR activist was nominated by TUCNA as an academic consultant on behalf of the federation to the committee.

Amupanda is alleging that the Finance Minister is putting pressure on TUCNA Secretary General Mahongora Kavihuha, to recall him.

Amupanda claims in a letter to Shiimi today that the minister only appointed him under coercion and not on his own volition.

‘’On 21st July 2022, you wrote a letter informing me of your decision to appoint me as a member of the technical committee. It would seem that despite signing the 21st JuIy 2022 letter, you were not at ease. It is as if you had a gun on your head. It is for this reason that you ostensibly want to involve yourself in futile mobilization efforts including calling TUCNA leaders to change my nomination because you are under attack. Understandably, Mr. Kavihuha is being pressured by stooges in contact with you and under your caprice,’’ reads the resignation letter.

Amupanda said the resignation is to allow the finance minister ‘’to breathe, in order to achieve the objectives you are seeking with phone calls, I have resolved to withdraw myself from your technical committee. You can now relax and go ahead with more important national duties such as finding money for government workers who are going on strike’’.

However, Kavihuha told the Windhoek Observer that he has not received any formal or informal pressure or communication on Ampupanda’s appointment to the committee.

‘’As far as my office is concerned we have not received anything official to say that the minister has come or said ABC and D, however on an individual basis that is something. I can’t speak on Amupanda’s behalf,’’ said Kavihuha.

On the way forward, he said, that this will not change their working relations with Amupanda.

‘’We approached him as a lecturer of the unity of Namibia and not on his extra mural activities so he realized that because of ABC he wants to withdraw, we welcome that from the bottom … as we are an independent organization and don’t succumb to any pressure.

Shiimi could not be reached for comment by our deadline to provide further clarity on the matter.

Last month Shiimi appointed a 19-member Technical Committee to spearhead the consultations, and only upon completion of this exercise and inclusion of all inputs, will the final date of implementation of FIMA be announced.

The committee consists of Lovisa Indongo-Namandje Namfisa and Dickson Mbangu Matengu nominated by NAMFISA, Erwin Naimhwaka and Jason Kandume by the Bank of Namibia); Justus Mwafongwe, Festus Nghifenwa, Immanuel Nashivela and Seppo Shigwele (Ministry of Finance); Maria Nakale representing retirement fund Institute of Namibia as well as Vonkie Olivier and Immanuek Atanasiu nominated by the University of Namibia and University of Science and Technology, respectively.

Other members include, Mahongora Kavihuhua, Zocks Nghikundwavali, Errikie Shitana, Job Amupanda and John Nakuta all nominated by Trade Union Congress of Namibia, as well as Petrus Nevonga of National Union of Namibian Workers, Joseph Garoeb and John Paporo representing the Namibia National Labour Organisation.

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