Amushelelo arrested in Walvis Bay protest

Martin Endjala

The Namibia Economic Freedom Fighter member and activist Michael Amushelelo was arrested today at Walvis Bay Police, during a protest in solidarity with shoprite workers.

The confirmation was made by the Spokesperson of Nampol Erongo, Inspector Ileni Shapumba, who emphasised that although Amushelelo was arrested, he is yet to be charged as preliminary investigations are ongoing.

Shapumba said that the investigation team is still busy with investigations, which will determine the charges.

Meanwhile, Amushelelo’s lawyer Kadhila Amoomo said his client was arrested by the Police at Walvis Bay today while participating in a peaceful protest in support of the workers of Shoprite.

The workers protested against toxic work environments, days after the suicide of their 25 year old colleague who walked into the ocean and drowned. This was after her dismissal from work.

Kadhila says it is concerning that the Police refuses to learn that peaceful protests cannot be stopped by arresting people. He added that Lawyers have been dispatched to assist.

The NEEF member was also arrested earlier this month on the 11 January 2023, in Windhoek for protesting in support of the Craft Bistro workers who said they were tired of being racially abused, harassed at work and salary delays.

During that protest, Amushelelo’s arm reportedly got injured in a scuffle with police officers, prompting a letter of demand addressed to the Inspector General Jospeh Shikongo, demanding that he be compensated for the injuries he sustained during his arrest and the unlawful arrest and violation of his dignity at the tune of N$750 000.

Amushelelo further demanded the identities and particulars of the officers involved in his arrest in order to institute proceedings in their personal capacities.

In a new development, the co-owner of Craft Bistro,Petra Illing a German national who was reportedly found with an expired visa entered into a settlement agreement with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration Safety and Security, in whish she will no longer be deported, pending the ministry’s consideration to declare her a permanent resident before end of March.

Moreover, last year Amushelelo also indicated that he was going to stop confrontational activism and standing up to employers as he felt that people become too dependent while they are supposed to stand up for themselves without him.

Adding that he was also going to focus on educating children on activism.

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