Amushelelo demands N$500K
from Nampol following arrest

Martin Endjala

The Namibia Economic Freedom Fighter Activist Michael Amushelelo through his lawyer Kadhila Amoomo is demanding compensation to remedy injuries he sustained in the hands of police officers yesterday, during his arrest.

In a letter dated 12 January 2023 directed to the Namibian Police Inspector General Joseph Shikongo through the Kadhila Amoomo law furm, Amushelelo wants payment for pain and suffering allegedly at the hands of police officers, as well as the violation of his dignity as per article 8 of the Namibian constitution, which he says was exceedingly violated.

A further N$250 000 is also being demanded for compensation of unlawful arrest and detention.

Following Amushelelo’s arrest by the police yesterday, after a case of allegedly trespassing, assault and threatening was opened against him by the owner of Castro Bistro Restaurant in Windhoek, after he stood in solidarity with the said restaurant employees who downed tools due to alleged unpaid salaries and exploitations.

Amoomo has also instructed the IG to surrender the identities and particulars of the police officers who instituted the arrest of Amushelelo, for further legal action against them in their personal capacity.

Amoomo has since given the office of the IG 30 days to respond, adding that further legal action will be taken if no response is given.

This publication is also informed that the Minister of Defense Frans Kapofi has also been copied in the issued letter to the IG by the law firm.

The law firm further stated that such arrest and detention carried out was unlawful due to the absence of a reasonable cause, adding that it was carried out without a valid warrant of arrest. According to Amoomo, if a warrant of arrest was obtained, it was never made available to his client.

“The subsequent detention of our client also stands to be characterized as unlawful due to the fact our client was unlawfully arrested”, read the letter.

In addition to this, the letter also emphasized that the fact their client was released without being charged, it does not only points out that the arrest was without reasonable cause, but rather indicates that it was carried out with ulterior motives.

As a result, the law firm maintained that members of the Namibian Police relied on violent conduct and dispensed against their client when they said the arrest was unlawful.

Amoomo further alleges that his client was aggressively wrestled and painfully assaulted by members of the police.

They have evidence to show for, which includes Video footage were police officers are seen assaulting their client despite showing no resistance to them, he stressed.

Meanwhile, In an interview with Amushelelo, he said that it will take more than just police to deter him for advocating and fighting for the plight of all Namibians.

While stressing that he is not supposed to be doing this at all if both the Ministry of labour and Unions did their jobs.

“Until the Unions and the Minister of Labour Utoni Nujoma start doing their jobs, I will always fight for my people”Amushelelo determined.

In responding to the suspension of Craft Bristo Restaurant employees Amushelelo said that the decision taken is simply because they are dealing with racist individuals who think they can just fire and hire people like in the days of slavery.

Lamenting that the owner has no respect or what so ever for the people who keeps his business afloat, this is why he dismissed workers without hearing their grievances.

“This is a tendency were workers who which to echo their grievances, were if you are not happy with the work conditions here, you can simply see where the door is for you too leave” Amushelelo explained.

Furthermore, the NEFF commissar explained that due to high unemployment in the country, people sometime have to stay in toxic working environment, simply to put food on the table.

Hence the workers are now tired for a year of being racially discriminated, exploited and being called names, hence they decided on Monday to Abruptly stop working and rendering their services Amushelelo explained.

Furthermore the commissar stressed that if the unions and ministry of labour was functional, there will be no need for him to go and address labour issues.

Of which he cited that they have dismally failed as workers have tried to seek for their help but failed, hence, why they turned to NEFF for help.

“Since January to December this Unions have been on holiday while they are paid to fight for their members but they don’t do so”, opined the commissar.

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