Amushelelo feels abandoned in the fight for his freedom

Stefanus Nashama

Writing from Windhoek Central Prison, detained social activist Michael Amushelelo expressed his disappointment yesterday with the masses he fought for before his incarceration.

Amushelelo conveyed that he feels abandoned by the same thousands of people he stood for on 21 March 2023, asserting that his solitary fight for freedom reflects this abandonment.

He expressed that if his life held any value to the people, thousands would be in front of the prison gates every day demanding his release.

“I would like to inform the world that I have come to realize that my life means nothing. If my life meant anything to anyone, then there would be thousands of people in front of the prison gates every single day to demand my freedom,” he wrote.

He feels deserted and left with no option but to continue his fight for freedom.

“I have embarked on a hunger strike with only one demand—my freedom. I will remain on hunger strike until I have obtained my freedom,” he stated.

Given his constrained circumstances in prison, Amushelelo conveyed that he has no choice but to undergo a process of self-torture, deeming it his only recourse to fight for his freedom.

He also blamed the government for his detention, stating that the government should prepare either for his release or his death certificate, as he refuses to continue being a political prisoner.

“Perhaps in death, my life would have more meaning,” he reflected.

Amushelelo claimed that he nearly died in prison on 28 August due to delayed medical attention, and criticized the prison system for its inability to adequately attend to prisoners’ medical needs.

He also accused the judiciary system of lacking independence, impartiality, and fairness, alleging that two judges involved in his bail appeal were politically influenced to deny him bail.

According to Amushelelo, the state lacks evidence against him. He was arrested in March for organizing a countrywide protest against unemployment on Independence Day.

Commenting on the matter, Amushelelo’s legal representative, Kadhila Amoomo, stated that the ongoing struggle only strengthens their resolve to continue the fight for his freedom.

Amoomo confirmed Amushelelo’s court appearance on 10 October 2023 for the constitutional challenge and mentioned that his trial would continue later in the same month.

The legal team plans to persist in their battle for his freedom in the Supreme Court.

Amoomo has appealed to good Samaritans for financial contributions to engage senior counsel and cover legal costs.

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