Amushelelo granted bail

Martin Endjala

The Namibia Economic Freedom Fighter member and activist Michael Amushelelo was today released on N$3000 bail in the Walvis Bay magistrate court following his arrest last week Friday during a protest.

This was confirmed today by his lawyer Kadhila Amoomo who also informed this publication that the matter was postponed to 13 March 2023 for further investigations.

Amoomo added that his clients bail conditions stipulate that he is not to participate in any unlawful protests and he is not to go anywhere near the complex where shoprite is.

The NEEF activist was arrested while supporting shoprite workers protesting against toxic working environments and standing up to the management blaming them for the death of their 25 year old colleague Fabiola Zondjembo who walked into the Walvis bay ocean and committed suicide.

After he was detained, he was then charged and arrested under the public gathering proclamation and appeared in court today, this was according to Erongo region inspector Ileni Shapumba of the command unit of community affairs.

Amushelelo was welcomed by a crowded gathered at the police station and quickly addressed the crowed, emphasising that no gun or police brutality can stop the will of the people.

Amushelelo also noted with concern on the behaviour of police officers who he said are interested in him more than the Namibian people who continue to suffer.

“It is as if the police have an agenda against me because wherever I am, they seem to be so quick to respond to the scene, while if a public member calls them to come to their aid they always take time, the community is battling with drugs and the police is not doing enough except to harnessed and intimidate people protesting peacefully because their tired of being exploited by their bosses”, Amushelelo stated.

The NEEF said that they will be continuing with a legal demonstration countrywide starting here in Windhoek calling for all Shoprite branches to pack their bags and go.

Adding that they as Namibians are willing to open up similar shops to feed its people and that enough is enough for shoprite and chekers to continue exploiting Namibians.

“No more people dying like Fabiola due to ill-treatment at workplaces”, says Amushelelo. The crowd is reportedly to have dispersed and will now gather in a hall to discuss all related issues with the date yet to be announced later today or tomorrow,” they said.

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