Amushelelo warned to stay away from IUM brand

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The International University of Management (IUM) said it will seek an appropriate remedy to protect its rights, if Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) member Michael Amushelelo continues to intrude with the institution’s constitutional “freedom of association”, IUM Director of Marketing , communications and Stakeholders Engagement Gerry Munyama said.

Munyama said Amushelelo continues to contact IUM.

“Should Mr. Amushelelo proceed with his intended instigation to interfere in the Constitutional “freedom of association” of any entity with IUM, IUM shall have no option but to seek an appropriate remedy in an appropriate Forum in order to protect its constitutional rights. Mr Amushelelo ought to have known that the IUM logo is a registered trademark with BIPA and its usage without authorization from IUM is a crime, which is punishable by law. It is thus our demand that he immediately cease to continue with these criminal acts. Notwithstanding legal advice from IUM solicitors , Mr. Amushelelo continues to approach IUM and in a widely distributed leaflet on social media, seeking that IUM alter its terms of entering into a private contractual relationship with potential students seeking to be registered with IUM for various academic courses,” said Munyama.

Amushelelo’s instigations, according to the university, are also more likely to spark chaos and destroy IUM’s reputation as a renowned academic institution with national and international good standing, as well as bring the name of IUM into disgrace in the eyes of the general public.

Last week NEFF issued at statement informing the media, public and all tertiary, training institutions and vocational education centers with immediate effect to stop demanding for registration fees in order for our people to access their right to education

He further threated that the party will mobilize the Students, Parents, Community and Country to demonstrate against such institutions.

In the same week in a social media post with an IUM logo, Amushelelo said “ if you are a student of IUM and would like to protest against registration fees to stop , kindly join our WhatsApp group.”

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