Amutenya asked to withdraw
…majority SPYL CC members failed vetting

Martin Endjala

If Swapo Party Youth League has to work strictly by the script on the credentials of the regional delegates and Central Committee members to it 7th Elective Congress, many comrades would be disqualified from attending the congress.

The final vetting document in possession of the Windhoek Observer tells a tale of delegates and CC members only paying up their membership dues ahead of the congress with most of them in arrears since 2017, some not meeting critical criteria such as SPYL membership and lack of voter cards, as well as not meeting the minimum five-year membership to be a delegate.

The comments about Willem Amutenya, who wants to challenge Efraim Nekongo, on the vetting form are damning saying he does not want to subject himself to majority views, which is a Swapo constitutional requirement, even when you hold a contrary view.

Amutenya has been advised to decline the nomination as a candidate for the national secretary position, but he has been insisting to stand against Nekongo.

The Swapo Youth Central Committee has decided earlier in the year by majority support that Nekongo will stand unopposed.

‘’The candidate (has been) disqualified on the basis of personal attitudes,’’ the vetting form concludes.

Only four members of the eleven the central committee on the vetting document meet all requirements, with the majority only rushing to pay-up their membership fees to attend the congress. The vetting officers describe some of them as just paying-up for the position.

Marius Sheya, the governor of the Kunene Region and a member of the central committee has also not paid his membership since 2017.

The comment next to his name is ‘’candidate just paid his membership this year since 2017, yet he is a current member of CC. The leader has just paid for election’’.

During his address at the opening of the congress President Hage Geingob told the Swapo Party Youth League that is not sufficient criteria to want to lead, emphasising that young people should take pride in the country and in the party to move the country to prosperity and economic growth.

Geingob expressed disappointment in people always trying to shame the Swapo Party, with opinionated remarks such as Swapo is dying, while asking who is dying if the party is still standing and has the majority of support from the nation.

He took a swipe at young people who shy away from their responsibilities and involve themselves in activities that shame the party.

Geingob called on the youth to be pioneers and pacesetters and not to be afraid to dare to dream.

“For as those who dare to dream yesterday are the leaders of today,” Geingob pointed out, further urging young people to prepare themselves to lead while emphasising that drunkards cannot lead.

“You need to become the vanguard of Namibia’s economic development and to ensure that the

knowledge and culture of Swapo ethos of solidarity, freedom and justice remains at the core of

decision-making,” explained Geingob.

The President wants the youth to be the youth to reimage and steer back the nation into the course of development, pointing out that the youth emulate the steadfastness, commitment and resilience from those who came before them.

The president further stressed that the unification of patriotism, commitment and resilience is what will shape the economy of the country in the future.

He adviced the SPYL to ensure that they elect young vibrant militants within the wing who are ready to take on the challenge for the benefit of Swapo and the country, saying they should uphold nation-building ideals, be non-tribal, be revolutionary and progressive.

“I say to you, rise up young cadres and prove to the nation that you are ready lead and reimage the ideal Republic of Namibia that we want,’’ Geingob concluded

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