Anna Marie Ngonde Shikusho Leads the Pack in the FNB Women’sSuper League Top Scorers

Anna Marie Ngonde Shikusho of FC Ongos Ladies has emerged as the leading goal scorer, setting the pitch ablaze with an impressive tally of 15 goals after 6 rounds of competition in the FNB Women Super league.

Shikusho’s remarkable shooting skills in front of the net has propelled her team to soaring heights in the league standings.

Hot on Shikusho’s heels is Elsabe Whitey Reinecke of Arrows Ladies FC, showcasing her striking talent with 10 goals to her name, closely followed by the relentless Beauties scoring machine, Fiola Vliete, who boasts an impressive 9 goals. Anna-Ida Heidi Somses of VPower Angels FC has also made her mark with 7 goals, adding to the thrilling goal-scoring spectacle of the season.

Beverly Uueziua of Girls & Goals FC and Ivone Irene Kooper of FC Ongos Ladies share the spotlight with 6 goals apiece, demonstrating their invaluable contributions to their respective teams’ offensive firepower. Meanwhile, Muhinatjo Kamutuua Hanavi of UNAM Bokkies FC rounds off the top five scorers with 5 goals, showcasing her scoring skill set on the field.

The league’s top twelve goal scorers feature a stellar lineup of talent, with Elvida Shamilla Damases of Beauties FC, Julliana Blou of FC Ongos Ladies, Martha Ndapandula Haufiku of Khomas Nampol Ladies FC, Memory Ngonda of FC Ongos Ladies, and Zoe Isabella De Kock of Ramblers Women FC all notching 4 goals each, adding to the excitement and competitiveness of the season.

As the race for the golden boot intensifies, these top scorers continue to set the tone with their skill and ability to find the back of the net. With each match, they elevate the standard of play in the FNB Women’s Super League.

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