APP shocked by rape of under-aged girl in Rundu hospital

Matin Endjala

The secretary general of the All People’s Party Vincent Kanyetu told Windhoek Observer today, that he will write a formal letter to the Ministry of Health and Social services next week Monday, to investigate the recent alleged rape of an 11-year-old minor who was allegedly sexually assaulted by a nurse who works at the Rundu Hospital. “I just got back from my regional tour, and I will be writing them (MOHSS) a letter to look into the matter”, he says.

Kanyetu says he was deeply touched by the scandalous incident.

”Firstly, I am a father, secondly am I a normal human being and thirdly a political leader of an organization,” says Kanyetu.

“It is every organizations responsibility to look after the well being of its nation and the alleged rape case of an 11 year old minor is just very saddening, he continues.

The APP will not sit by idle to see such inhuman behavior continuing in Rundu or elsewhere, says Kanyetu.

He asks ”why out of all 100 something hospital in Namibia, that Rundu hospital is the only one that has nurses being accused of alleged rapes. Why not in Omusati, Oshana, or Otjiwarongo?

He then recalls a similar alleged rape incident that occurred two years ago in the same hospital stating ”it’s a shame that the suspect was never found after sedating his patient and raping the victim”.

The All People’s Party will be requesting for a psychological test be conducted on the accused nurse to determine if the nurse is fit to practice the profession.

Kanyetu says he has been informed that the victim is traumatized, and is unable to attend school currently out of fear of being stigmatized by friends and neighbors.

The letter will also state that the child receives psychological counselling, and also to call on spiritual ministries to render their services to the family of the victim.

Kanyetu also wants the police to leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of the whole matter stating that,”who knows how many times he has done this, if it was not because of the girlfriend, who caught him in action and reported the matter”.

The nurse goes by the name of Lopez Himarwa aged (32) and practices nursing at the Rundu Hospital, where he is alleged to have committed the crime on Friday, 28 January 2022.

He was found in the act by his girlfriend, who informed the mother. The mother reported the case to the police and the nurse was arrested. He is expected to appear in court on the 31st of May 2022.





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