AR accuses Aranos Town Council of misconduct

Martin Endjala

The Affirmative Repositioning (AR) interim chairperson of the Hardap Regional Activists Council, David Kanu Kharuchab, has accused the Aranos Town Council of misconduct and corruption.

Councillors Christine Jarson and Hans Baffrath face accusations after attending a meeting of the Association for Local Authorities in Namibia (ALAN) in Lüderitz during the recruitment process for a new Aranos Town Council CEO.

Kharuchab alleges that the trip was unnecessary and that the councillors claimed travel allowances for vehicle hire but instead made use of lifts.

“Jarson and Baffrath travelled to Lüderitz for the ALAN meeting, which was unnecessary. What impact were they going to have in two days when other Aranos representatives were already present? They claimed travel allowances intended for hiring a vehicle, but instead, they took lifts to and from Lüderitz,” said Kharuchab.

Kharuchab also asserts that a company associated with a council employee received a tender and that the council workshop’s diesel recently vanished without any explanation.

He stresses the need for transparency and accountability from the council.

“These allegations must be addressed quickly and effectively,” he urged.

Meanwhile, Aranos CEO Gabriel Shinyemba told the publication on Sunday that he hasn’t responded to the letter because he’s not in the office and will do so when he gets back.

Shinyemba denied all of the accusations but admitted that diesel went missing last week at the workshop.

“The accusations are not true, and yes, the councillors in question did attend the ALAN meeting, but I am not aware of them using other intended transports. I will have to look into it if I return. In regards to the missing diesel, I was the one who reported it to the police, and investigations are ongoing, and that’s all I can say for now,” said the CEO.

The crime investigation coordinator of the Hardap region, Deputy Commissioner Eric Clay, said he would provide information on the matter on Monday.

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