AR, Itula tug-of- war intensifies

Eba Kandovazu

AFFIRMATIVE Repositioning (AR) Movement Chief Activist, Job Amupanda, says the ‘over-involvement of Independent Patriots of Change (IPC) President, Panduleni Itula, in city of Windhoek Council matters has been problematic, adding IPC councilors are the most traumatised in the Council.

“It is very sad for them. Itula’s conduct is problematic. He runs the councilors from wherever he is. They cannot even independently contribute to meaningful discussions without having to read an already drafted statement. How can a councilor operate like that?,” Amupanda remarks askingly.

Amupanda addressed a media conference today reacting to talks on the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) coalescing with the IPC. It is reported that Itula has approached LPM for a coalition. LPM Leader, Bernadus Swaartboi, meantime, has confirmed that the parties in fact have already drafted a framework on mutual agreements.

Amupanda, says the coalition members have no issue with the LPM joining the coalition, adding it is the manner in which Itula approached the LPM on behalf of the city coalition. AR Spokesperson, Simon Amunime, was quoted saying that if the LPM however wanted to join the coalition, they could have applied, with the knowledge of other coalition members.

According to Amupanda, Itula also wrote a letter in which he makes it clear that the former would not be retained as Windhoek Mayor. Amupanda, who insists Itula is obsessed with him also reveals that he at some point blocked the latter on WhatsApp.

“I refuse to be his boy. Not everyone in IPC is a problem but Itula seems to have a problem with Job. We already packed our bags and are satisfied with the work we have done, proudly. We are not obsessed with positions. Itula thinks he is popular, that he is known by everyone. We are not in competition with him, an old man,” Amupanda tirades.

Coalition members consisting of the AR, NUDO and PDM have since written a letter to Itula, condemning his negotiations with the LPM.

“We take strong exception to the fact that you denied when quizzed by the Honourable Venaani on why you were negotiating with LPM individually without the collective principal. You denied that you negotiated with them. Clearly you did not take us into confidence. Even with your denial, the truth eventually came out. We have no principle problem of any sort of work with the LPM, but will not accept the dictatorial tendencies by yourself to make framework agreements without informing us the content thereof and your denial in this matter is disappointing,” the letter, signed by Joseph Kauandenge, McHenry Vennaani and Amupanda reads.

Itula was not available when contacted for comment. His Personal Assistant instead referred this publication to IPC Spokesperson, Immanuel Nashinge, who denies there was any agreement between the LPM and the IPC.

“Whoever told you this must provide you with that framework agreement that they are talking about. There is no such thing,” he says.

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