AR resumes RIF Programme amidst corruption concerns

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

The Affirmative Repositioning Movement (AR) has announced the resumption of its Reorganisation, Institutionalisation, and Formalisation (RIF) Programme, aimed at bolstering the movement’s infrastructure and outreach efforts across Namibia.

This decision was made during a recent meeting of the Interim Activist Council (INAC) in Tsumeb, reaffirming AR’s commitment to grassroots development and economic emancipation.

“The Interim Regional Chairpersons, supported by Interim Operational Mass members, will lead the establishment of these structures, starting with Community Activists Councils, followed by Districts and Regional Activist Councils,” stated AR spokesperson George Kambala.

He added that this bottom-up approach ensures a robust and fully functional movement infrastructure, with completion expected by the end of 2024.

Further announcing that the movement has also intensified its stance against corruption, highlighting its detrimental impact on Namibia’s development.

Kambala urged President Nangolo Mbumba to take decisive action against corrupt individuals within the government, as it is a betrayal of the Namibian people’s trust.

“The consequence of these unrestrained corrupt individuals is dire. Real development, the engine that should propel our nation forward, has become a neglected orphan. Resources meant for schools, hospitals, and infrastructure are drained off to fatten the wallets of the corrupt. This is not just theft, it’s a betrayal of the Namibian people, a crushing blow to our collective dreams of a prosperous future,” stressed Kambala.

In addition to addressing corruption, AR continues to advocate for access to land and housing through its Mass Urban Land Servicing Programme.

Despite recent progress in the construction of housing units in Goreangab Extension 4, AR expressed concerns about the pace of addressing the housing crisis, particularly for low-income Namibians.

Kambala also addressed AR’s communication strategy, emphasising the importance of relying on the movement’s official Facebook page for accurate information. He warned against misinformation spread through fake social media accounts and reiterated AR’s commitment to peaceful activism.

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