Arcadia Football Club Invites Young Talent to Join Development Program

Arcadia Football Club, a community-driven club founded in 1986, is extending a warm invitation to parents interested in enrolling their young ones, both boys and girls aged between 6 and 19, in the football development program. Despite facing challenges in terms of training equipment, particularly soccer balls, the club remains committed to providing an alternative avenue for the youth to channel their energy positively.

Coach Frank Inana emphasizes the club’s community-driven philosophy, relying on the goodwill of parents and individuals to procure necessary equipment for the youngsters. The makeshift training ground in Grysblok, with its gravel surface, serves as a testament to the club’s dedication to overcoming challenges and fostering the development of young football enthusiasts.

Over the years, Arcadia Football Club has produced outstanding players who have made significant contributions to the economy. Notable alumni such as Abel Kazondunge, Paul Egelser, Mervin Katire, Edwin Korokuve, and others highlighting the club’s track record in nurturing talent and character.

As the club approaches 2024, it aims to further enhance player development by seeking partnerships with organizations that can offer life skills training to the young athletes. Additionally, Arcadia Football Club is actively engaging volunteers to contribute to the capacity building of the players. Chairperson August Hangara emphasizes the club’s openness to mutually beneficial partnerships, emphasizing the positive impact football can have on both player well-being and volunteer opportunities.

Arcadia Football Club will be hosting a registration day on February 13, 2024, starting at 09:00 at their makeshift training ground in Grysblok, located behind Papa G Chicken. All interested parents, players, and potential volunteers are welcome to join this exciting initiative. The club looks forward to building a stronger foundation for player development and creating opportunities for positive community engagement through the beautiful game of football.

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