Artist in the spotlight: Ismael Shivute

I studied Sculpture in Department of Visual Arts, participated in many group exhibitions locally and internationally, and had a solo exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Namibia in 2006 and 2022 at Utopia Restaurant in Windhoek.

After my studies I began creating mixedmedia artworks from my environment, often working with found or recycled materials drawn from the area in which I lives. Inspired by my environment, recycled or used materials and the feel of things made by hands… I feel that my art reflect a unique Namibian identity, as well as my own identity as an artist struggling to survive in the world. “

Often working in mixed media such as metal and organic materials, over the past three years i responded to the global pandemic by returning to the medium of Soapstone. Sourced locally from the quarries on the outskirts of the Windhoek. I found that soapstone provided the right balance of resistance and pliability.

The resulting body of work made over three years consists predominantly of abstract forms and I feel that each stone suggest it’s ideal for to me in the process of making.

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