Bag of Hope Initiative hands over donations

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RMB Namibia, through the HOPE initiative of FirstRand Namibia, recently handed over N$166 000 consisting of N$60 000 worth of maize, N$24 800 of pasta, N$26 400 of Weetbix, N$40 200 of cornflakes, N$4 300 of juice, and N$11 000 worth of soup packets to vulnerable families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

FirstRand Namibia established the ‘Bag of Hope’ initiative under their HOPE Fund in April 2020 and partnered with Bokomo Namibia and Co-Feed Namibia to feed the needy and the most vulnerable families in Namibia, whose impoverished situation has been exacerbated by COVID-19.

Through the Bag of Hope initiative, Bokomo Namibia offered bags of maize meal and other food stuffs at a discounted price, while Co-Feed Namibia will assist in the distribution and identification of needy families. Giving was facilitated through the online FNB Happiness Store, with the FirstRand Namibia Foundation doubling all proceeds collected.

At the handover ceremony, Conrad Dempsey of RMB Namibia said, RMB believed that their responsibility stretched further than just keeping their essential services functioning for clients.

“As an ethical corporate citizen, we are committed to doing more. We believe in the power of partnerships. We are working closely with government, the business community, philanthropists and society on a number of initiatives to address the immediate needs and help arrest the future impact of COVID-19 on our country and its people.”

Hubertus Hamm, Bokomo CEO thanked RMB for considering Bokomo Namibia as a partner to this great initiative.

“The whole world has been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and this has also greatly affected the job security of many Namibians, leaving countless unemployed. We trust this assistance will help them overcome the current difficult situation. I am fully convinced that the Bokomo/RMB relationship will be a fine example of partnerships among businesses and that we can build on this partnership going forward,” he said.

Linda RM Baumann, Co-Feed Namibia Representative advised that Co-Feed Namibia is a citizen-driven initiative whose purpose is to mobilize food supplies and other necessities for distribution to the vulnerable within the Namibian communities in response to the impact by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Co-Feed Namibia would like to applaud the efforts made today for the collectiveness in social responsibility and corporate responsibility paid forward to fellow Namibians during these tough times. As Namibians we are aware of the realities our communities face. However, this pandemic has doubled the needs of people’s livelihood as the impact of this virus has evidently affected incomes, basic essentials of food and the need for cleaning material or clothes.”

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