Beifang affirms commitment to employee well-being

Ester Mbathera

Beifang Mining Technology Services (Namibia) (Pty) Ltd. says it is committed to ethical business practices and employee well-being.

The statement comes after the Windhoek Observer’s article in which the employees accused their employer of not adhering to labour laws and subjecting them to bad working conditions.

Anthony Wilson, the Human Resources Manager at Beifang, said in a statement that the company is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of corporate citizenship.

“Beifang values its employees as its most critical asset, as they remain and are the bedrock upon which our success over the years is founded. We are therefore fully committed to fostering a culture of health and safety, fair employment practices, and due compliance with all legal and ethical standards and/or regulations incidental thereto,” he said.

Wilson explained that the company has received approval from the Ministry of Labour for continuous shift operations and has consistently maintained good standing certification in its annual affirmative action reports, showcasing its commitment to equitable employment practices.

He added that the company has implemented policies and procedures to ensure compliance with safety standards and regular medical checkups as per Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality (SHEQ) requirements.

“We have invested a lot in ensuring that all safety controls and equipment are in place and are supervised by our stakeholders in order to remain on par with industry standards,” he said.

Wilson condemned the allegations by the employees, stating that they disregard the truth and have the potential to cause confusion and unnecessary worry among stakeholders.

He warned that Beifang reserves the right to take action against any party spreading unfounded allegations against the company.

Wilson did not respond to questions sent to him on the allegations of victimisation, tribalism, racism, favouritism, discrimination, unfair dismissal, and underpayment.

He also did not confirm which trade union currently has bargaining power with the company, nor did he share documents to substantiate his claims.

Employees alleged that several of them, especially operators who drive heavy-duty vehicles, are suffering from kidney problems caused by bad roads in the mine.

They also claim that those who speak up face suspension.

In the meantime, the Revolutionary Union (RU) has called on Vice President Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah to visit Beifang Mining Services operations at the Swakop Uranium mine site and the African Big Lion mine near Usakos.

The union believes that her visit could make a difference in improving the workers’ working conditions and livelihoods.

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